Tech support suggested testing it outside of the array – zero filling the drive results in a failure at different times, anything from 1. My hardware is basically this, http: If you see the messages like the one in this page link , then you’re still using NCQ. Same 88SE issue on both PC and same workaround worked on both. Sorry, i was wrong, kernel compiled fine also with 2. There it is, some ideas, suggestions.

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None that i’ve found working.

Attachment is the screen dump. Please include the information requested at https: Changed in linux Ubuntu: Chipset I guess nobody has any ideas?

Download full text 3.

SATA 6Gb/s – Marvell 88SE9123 new firmware, BIOS, and Drivers

Sign up using Facebook. Device 91a4 rev You can see the hardware error messages with dmesg command. I won’t know as I don’t really have a good way of testing whether this would resolve the issue. I also tried upstream kernel 3. This is in line with the reported speed when looking at an array rebuild on the internal Intel SATA ports in the server. Have you run smartctl on the devices? Brian Murray brian-murray on Just running dd with defaults: This is where a forum would be better I guess You need also to check prerequisite for building it.


I haven’t understood what you’re trying to say. I also posted the query to Uni Stackexchange to see if a wider audience could help – http: In Live session or installation Lniux not recognized 5.

Comment on this change optional. Decided to use libata.

What’s the right thing to do here? A SiI based card is not detected by the sever card issue, server issue?

Fabio Marconi fabiomarconi on Label on the 88sse9123 Occasionally during DVD burning the system would freeze, only a reboot worked. Applied patch and ubuntu can see the hdd.

SATA 6Gb/s – Marvell 88SE new firmware, BIOS, and Drivers – EVGA Forums

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Lknux is suggested that the problem is an overflow problem in the controller – however I cannot evaluate the accuracy of that statement – it was also reported with a firmware slightly older than the latest version which is 1.


You are not directly subscribed 88se91223 this bug’s notifications. I am running Ubuntu Downloads Support Community Development. I’m still searching for the real solution for this problem but no success yet.

Device rev 01 Same 88SE issue on both PC and same workaround worked on both. The patch is to use the same driver for the with different id.