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We are the top supplier of green construction products that are safe for the environment, long-lasting, and non-polluting paints, stains, wood treatments, sealers, and associated materials. It is considered one of best among roof coating companies

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All AFM building products, including paints, primers, varnishes, finishes, stains, and more, are designed to be as non-toxic as possible while yet performing well. These coatings are tough, long-lasting, and both help keep outgassing contained and look excellent for years. Nothing else is as durable and safe.

What Is In A Name?

Our goal as the producers of Safecoat®, SafeChoice®, and AFM Naturals® building products is to offer goods designed to reduce harmful emissions and guard against poor indoor air quality in order to build wholesome residences, institutions of higher learning, and workplaces—and ultimately, to save the environment.

Our solutions, which were initially developed for doctors to fulfill the demands of individuals with chemical sensitivity, are useful in resolving issues related to sick building syndrome. Thus, we gladly gave them the names “Safe” and “Natural” to represent the fact that health and safety were our top priorities.

Additionally, surface emissions can be controlled with Safecoat primers, paints, and clear coatings before they have an impact on your health or the health of your family. View our report on this crucial topic »

AFM provides a full array of over 45 environmentally friendly building materials made to promote a healthy environment, whether you need to prime, paint, seal, stain, or fill something. Here are the fundamentals.

Not All Low VOC Products Are the Same

It makes sense that the promises of minimal or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) can be perplexing. Only one chemical in a coating—VOCs—must be assessed for its potential to harm your health.

Because AFM is extremely concerned about the environment, including indoor and outdoor air pollution, none of our products, including VOCs, contain any dangerous chemicals. The “cleanest” products (in terms of chemical toxicity) are made using only high-quality, highly refined raw materials for each component in our formulations.

AFM provides elegantly and responsibly in response to the growing demand for safer construction goods, a niche we created by collaborating with environmental medicine doctors.

A Fresh Breath of Paint

Everyone may agree that a fresh coat gives any project new life. But is the smell worth it? One whiff of paint, primer, varnish, stain, or other similar compounds can cause a variety of ailments, ranging from minor respiratory problems to severe headaches and nausea. Depending on their level of sensitivity, many people just try to ignore the smell.

AFM solutions are regularly modified to almost completely eradicate physical ailments brought on by traditional coatings. Numerous of the most devoted consumers we have have severe allergies, chemical sensitivities, respiratory problems, and other problems that make using conventional goods unbearable. Visit our testimonials page to see how our clients have reacted.

Olfactory Factoring

Odor-free? No smell? Odorless?

In actuality, there is no way to ensure that our products are odorless. Yet.

For the time being, we tailor our solutions for those with the most frequent olfactory sensitivities based on comparisons to the aromas present in conventional paints containing harsh chemicals (formaldehyde, toluene, etc.). Any customer may request a little sample, and we will be happy to do so and respond to their inquiries.

For People Not Sensitive to Chemicals

Originally, the purpose of our products was to assist those who had certain needs. What if you simply want to live in a healthy atmosphere and don’t have any allergies or sensitivities? We also have you covered.

You’ll discover that AFM goods are of excellent quality and are easy to use. Our building supplies exceed expectations, our paints and stains are simple to use, and our cleaning supplies will leave you pristine. We’re building a healthy world, and we hope you’ll decide to join us.

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