We appear to have a solution! After two weeks with my new HP laptop, I hate Vista. Now in Vista there isn’t a good driver from Intel and I cannot find the custom Intel connection tool, so I can’t connect to my router. With no encryption at. Success Result of diagnosis:

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Tuesday, October 9, 7: Sunday, December 23, 6: I have the exact same problem. I tried JeffC69’s suggestion, following Big Mak’s comment re authority – and it worked!

WUS-200 Wireless USB adapter Drivers

It is so strange that it connects only when the computer is very close to the router. Sunday, March 25, 4: Ive ended up shutting down the computer and running the fan in my room.

Sunday, February 18, I am using a intel pro bg wireless card and have installed the latest driver. In my case I have error: Another question, I’m potentially going to replace the abg card, but I started down the path with a Toshiba M5 and it requires quite a bit of disassembly. As there was very few options with this driver, I have installed an newer one V6.


Yes Unicast key received: Installed it, rebooted and everything worked! Saturday, January 5, Wednesday, May 16, Now in Vista there isn’t a good driver from Intel and I cannot find the custom Intel ws tool, so I can’t connect to my router. The event log provides no useful pointers.

Download WUS-200 Wireless USB adapter Computer Driver Update

Belkin have tried to help, Samsung have tried to help, but what can they do against a very poor OP and Microsofts insistance that bugs happen, we can’t test them all?

Believe me, it keeps you sane. I’m still having issues. I just uninstalled the trial version of Norton on this computer and now I’m back to square one with trying to get it connected tothe 3com router with WPA!!

Unable to connect with WPA active in Vista

Odd given previously a reboot wouldn’t fix it and Wsu could have sworn I’d tried this. I have tried all the possibilites but still it didnt work.


Here’s my Vista Version: Saturday, May airtiss, The only people that are having problems is those with Vista. I’ve tried rolling back the network driver, re-installing the latest network driver but still no joy. Or am I really misinterpreting it there??? I’m calling toshiba tonight Saturday, May 26, 5: I too am having the WPA issues, I’ve resorted to wep for now.

Airties Wus Windows 7 Driver – setup-toolbox

Let’s see if MS address this. I upgraded both the wireless card driver didn’t seem to do anythingbut also the firmware for the 3com router. Well, it has had just that.