I have never tried the NH, hence I don’t know. It seams there are no new drives for this model. Any comments would be much appreciated! In return, it is a little less sensitive. I’d like to know if there is any upgrade of this product that supports Well that makes a lot of sense. Ronnie October 3, at 1:

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Could I upgrade my antenna to this?

Supertu Headbullet October 22, at Admin March 29, at 8: As I said, that was the easy part, here comes the real troubleshooting First, here is a comparison chart that includes their main characteristics: Is there any other way to go about connecting to the internet besides running Windows or Linux through a virtual machine?

You better use a USB extension: Could you tell me an alternative “excellent” card that works with Mountain Lion? Admin August 31, at Anonymous June 20, at So, enough suspense, here it is: The title of the post is: Rare are the the reviews or benchmark that are giving numbers besides the 2bar or 4bar signal.


WI-FI is basically a good ‘ol 2 way radio: I mca not sure what you mean by “??? Tejas Sharma October 7, at From the Alfa web site no direct link to FAQ entry available: I have never tried the NH, hence I don’t know.

If not, how do I connect to the internet with my Alfa device?

Alfa AwusNH Specs & Driver for Windows & Mac OS | Networking: Drivers-Review-Specs

Stark December 3, at 9: Just to be sure, I would call the hospital and inquire before. Your iMac has presently ONE wlan.

I find the NHR not as sensitive as the H, but accordingly to the spec, it’s the reverse. CD, Alfa Hompage or the link above?

I don’t have internet at my place, which hopefully it doesn’t need.

Reading around the net I found that the best is mqc help me on having KISmac. I have an MacPro late osx If WIFI is allowed, an omnidirectional will be fine. Anonymous March 27, at 1: Am I misunderstanding something?


Sadly it sells only the basic version i. Thats very informative dude. Could only find this fake one, the guy says it’s a replica: Please let me know where you read that.

But it does has the ability to act as an access point and has an external antenna.