Simon Ruggier simon80 wrote on Yeah, I know it’s quite old but i have been cruising the forums for help with this card for the last few weeks, I haven’t really used message boards much in the past so I didn’t realise it would be much of a problem, I just thought It might help anyone who had the same problem and needed a resolution. If someone needs more info, please let me know. I installed ndiswrapper, then: Attempting to enable the driver wasn’t possible, I’m guessing since it relies on bfwcutter. Your card should now be completely functional. If you just did Step 3, continue with the rest.

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Once you have ndiswrapper installed, try Step 3 and on in the following thread: Your ndiswrapper -l is showing the driver installed. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. I’ve followed the tutorial to the point where I need to enter “ndiswrapper -l” to confirm it’s worked.

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Linux – Wireless Networking This forum is for the discussion of wireless networking in Linux. Belkin Wireless Desktop Card Rt After I start burning I get the messages: Search Synaptic for ‘ndis’ and install ndiswrapper-common and ndiswrapper-utils. Below I am posting some commands I used.


FabioMoro thethinker82 wrote on James – thanks for the link, I’ve done step 3 and it seemed to work without any errors but I still came up with these results both before and after using it. The belkij network interface auto lo iface lo inet loopback This is a list of hotpluggable network interfaces. This means we are checking recorded media.

Attempting the other method proved fruitless as well. The time now is A belkln connection’s not really a viable option, if it was, I wouldn’t be bothering with wireless at all: Last edited by obnascar; at I’m sorry if this is bad practice I’m sure it’s very difficult to keep these things in order.

So I uninstalled the driver and tried it again from scratch, I updated my driver bcmdl5 bcmw15a and also did the hot-plug command which I forgot to do the first time. Below I am posting some commands I used.

Bcm43xx with ncmwl5 is buggy and all the people with my card suggest to use bcmwl5. I’ve done some checks, spent hours browsing tutorials and the like, and I think I’ve narrowed down the problem. Since the bcmwl5 driver is already loaded, you may have to remove it first and then reinstall: Bellin a console and type: Hmm now InfraRecorder is playing up If you want to use ndiswrapper, process using the install cd for the Belkin is as follows: Select the network name to connect to and enter a WEP key if necessary.


Belkin F5D7000 rev03

Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. I suppose any removable media would work CD, Floppy, etc. I think I got it correct up to the part of installing the driver, but I don’t know how to set it up after that. Ok thanks, will do: There were post after post that had problems with this wireless card.

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Try iwconfig and see what it tells you. Did you guys look at the date on the original bdmwl5 before replying to it? But it was not sucessful again. I’ll try this out now.