Intel i5 M Memory: The device works fine in Windows. If I type the command “sudo modprobe btusb” it appears. I’m using Maverick Thank you Marcel Holtmann.

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Mine is F8T http: Sorry for asking probably simple questions, this totally new for me Intel i5 M Memory: Dear andy, Thank you for mentioning this trick to make a belkin mini-usb bluetooth dongle work. Each time, I have to write the command: I read that there is another hidden usb device that is the bluetooth adapter itself The Belkin F8T is currently compatible with my fully updated Maverick computer.

I tried editing the config files as per the hack on this page: Other Related Non working devices. Initially detected by ubuntu hardy but doesn’t work straight away.


I was hoping Karmic would fix this problem, but no such luck. Does it mean that the conf file is not loaded at startup? This is reported against an old version of Ubuntu and many things has changed since then.


This tread gave me the solution: Many other Bluetooth dongles will not. If that’s not possible, then this post shows how to do it on ubuntu.

HardwareSupportComponentsBluetoothUsbAdapters – Ubuntu Wiki

The device works fine in Windows. Unfortunately I do not have exactly the same model. It works out of the box in Ubuntu Belmin, it still doesn’t work on 1.

A little update on the setup: May you comment on how you came to this specific line in the. Thank you Marcel Holtmann.

You may also want to consider purchasing a free software compatible device. Because of that we won’t fix this issue however if this behavior repeats on a modern version please fill a bug report against it and we will take it from there. Darik Horn dajhorn wrote on I still have this issue.

Email me about changes to this bug report. By inference simply changing the string I posted above to read install usb: I’m using Maverick I’m happy to provide any troubleshooting info you need. However, on the second one it didn’t work anymore Home Help Search Login Register. Please login g8t016 register. Works out of the box with Ubuntu