Now I am stuck with an unusable Turbo stick! Worked OK at first but now that the warranty is over it gets hot and quits every minutes. Tech support at the store was not great but I still wanted to “believe” so I said that I was going to tech support number. I am glad and sad to see I am not the only one who got totally cornholed on this crap They said uninstall and then re-install, did that, and it would not load the drivers. It simply won’t install and now I’m going to have to pay for it???? I also wish I’d googles for reviews before being upgraded.

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I have been paying for close to 2 years and the stick has only worked twice wirrless at that and that was 2 years ago. I said what do I do for internet service while waiting for Canada Post to deliver it?

So, wireless you can’t connect. In my opinion, it is absolutely useless. I pointed out this site Compare Cellular to the techie and he was rather taken aback. By the way, they tell me that we are only 1.

Novatel Wireless U Turbo Stick User Reviews

May be slower but costs less. U stick is a lemon! They can’t pass the buck, nor should they be passing this piece of crap on to anyone. I was just on the phone to Bell tech services bepl I could not connect at all.


I can get connected but get booted off within 5 minutes. Got a new PC with Windows 7, installed it and all was great. All are geared to help the companies steal from us!

Since August of last year, I have been trying to get my internet to work. After 2 weeks though the problems started. I said ‘well its the only way I could make it work’ I am done being used and I would love some emails to back me up I walked out screaming as I was in there an hour.

Their tech support was just going thru the support script and after 45 mins on the phone, he said that he had scalate this issue to the “engineering” department as he could not figure it out!

I have downloaded their latest software and it did nothing. Then they have beol nerve to tell me to call back tomorrow – I must have this thing dealt with by Nov. NVTLG About Bell Bell is Canada’s largest communications company, providing consumers with solutions to all their communications needs, including telephone services, wireless communications, high-speed Internet, digital television and voice over IP.

It is time that these type of corporations begin to pay for their shortcomings and bamboozlement of its customers!

I am suppose to connect this unit and I should have a pp720 connection I live out of town not a city dweller have never had this problem before. I will check out all other options from Telus and Rogers before I even consider Bell.


I too have had to try deal with those people from tech support.

Class action, I’m in! She then decides to be nice and feels so bad and sends me a new one.

Novatel Wireless U998 Turbo Stick Reviews

So, go back and re-read this, then call Bell and follow my directions. Maybe we need a “boycot Bell” site. The stick would work for 15 minutes then disconnect and then work for 5 minutes at a time. Tell me to call a number during business hours.!

Bell Mobile Connect doesnt like Lenovo Wireless driver – TR Forums

Reviewed on Wednesday April 6, by bisongirlalberta. Always have extra charges due to the fact anything I go into goes over the mb downloading wirelezs windows or AV virus protection eats up the MB. Doesn’t mean you know anything he responded me The challenge it seams is that Bell customer service has very limited product knowledge.