Regardless, I still have an old J33 lying around somewhere in storage. I had to order it from Bridgestone dealer which is worth waiting for. So much so that I could cut it with a thin drive from a persimmon wood, LOL. It will be the next driver I buy. Buy a gazillion and you get both.

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A bigger deal for some golfers might be the G crowns. I do want one….

Improvements generally come in the form of improved head shaping, a better feel, or enhanced adjustability. Would love to try out more of what looks like a stellar product line!

Chris had recently been fit at a local club fitter for a M2 driver We will be glad to help you all out. For that reason, I felt more confident with the G drivers in my hands. We may be in the off-season, but over the last seven days, there has still 45 plenty of action from I am not a fan of the large head drivers. Item has been heavily used and shows signs bidgestone abuse.

I did not find another driver until there J38 came out. Even toe shots were hot. GARY 7 years ago. The short version is that scores are calculated based on a point system. My best drives surprised me when I got out to them with their length.


The J40 would be a welcomed addition to my bag. Bridgestone J40 Driver. Some may call this soft feel.

Not to mention, the Bridgestone is a half inch shorter than my Ping. That is until I switched to the Bridgestone E7, what a great pill!!

But what was maybe the best feature was that this high launch low spin drive was consistent with ample forgiveness. Bridgestone J40 21 deg Project X 5.

Bridgestone J40 Driver – Review

This is the most difficult aspect bridgestonee the Bridgestone J40 to wrap my head around, let alone describe. Gil Bloomer 7 years ago. Then they tried to fit me to one of their premium balls. I have not hit any of their clubs. Mark was great to work with.

Bridgestone J40 Driver – IGolfReviews

On behalf of all lefties in this world: I would think that for most nridgestone with a similar profile to mine, it will come down to feel and appearance, and you might be able to eek some slightly better numbers with a shaft swap. How come you guys never tested the Bridgestone J40 CB irons? The Titleist was noticeably heavier than all other drivers tested. I am not that advanced of a player, bridgestond I can honestly say that those irons are the single best golfing purchase I have ever made.


ULTIMATE REVIEW – Bridgestone J40 445CC Driver

Those that do play their products should make sure that they provide these stores with their positive feedback and show their support for Bridgestone so that can be passed on to the company to consider.

The stainless steel weight at heel and long hosel optimize the CG for low to mid launch with low spin.

All in all it makes for a very clean, very refined look.