One entry per person. It’s a forum it’s not that serious. So if you’ve been wanting one, now’s the time. Its up to you to back up your entry. They put Grey Poupon on Weiners and Bologna, we use yellow mustard!

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The randomness leed from atmospheric noise, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random candlepowerfodums algorithms typically used in computer programs. I will give the winners 3 days after they are picked before a redraw is done. Create new account Request new password. For your entry to count you must type “I too am a Flashaholic” which I will reply to you with a number.

If I can’t verify information then you will need to provide screen shots as proof for private accounts if you are picked as winner. Charles Bridgman Yesterday at 4: Chris Rector 4 hrs. The Eneloop info thread.

They can close for good for all I care. It’s a forum it’s not that serious. Where do you guys buy your lights?


Peter Dziurkiewicz December 27 at 5: Let’s make BLF great again! Hi in the night here in Sweden I wonder if anyone can recomened a Zoomlight with at least real lumens, and ipx 6 at least.

December 18 at I like that I can say CPF here.

Personally I prefer this forum, as it is the one I started with. Joseph Kasperek shared a link.

LED Flashlights [Archive] – Page – CandlePowerForums

It seems hard to find good not to big zoomies over real lumens. Also proof of subscription to my YouTube channel and member of my FB group is required. Always preferred rope to clip, now found this: This is the reason I care.

This contest is for the Nitecore TUP flashlight!

Ain’t going to advertise the maker, just show how much brighter it is. You have to be subscribed to my YouTube channel, and candlwpowerforums a member of my Facebook group Flashaholics Anonymous. Pablo de Llama wrote:. A lot of us here came from there.


When I use Google to find reviews on items, especially on flashlight candlepowwerforums stuff, both forums, wether this one or CPF, contain valuable information. They put Grey Poupon on Weiners and Bologna, we use yellow mustard!

LED Flashlights

Tonight’s carry of the Fenix LD75C We do not care. Ryan Gills 13 hrs. Please screen shot your number and proof your in all the listed above and hold on to it just in case you candlepoweforums No double entries allowed! The winner will be selected using random. We know how political it was there.