At your suggestion I lightened a portion of the “Bar du Fort Rabot” above , and whatever streaks are present appear to be part of the image. I’m getting the impression that early samples of the FSUS have excessive manufacturing defects something Japanese cars are noted for not having. Click on the title for more information. Works like a charm. I boosted the density of the middle and high tones somewhat. The best alternative way to eject the film holder is to open the front door slightly, then close it thanks, Matt Mead.

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The fs4000uw control in the bar is the Eject button, which ejects the film tray from the scanner. The shot at right shows the panel with the custom button pressed. The FSUS is designed to scan mounted 35mm slides up to 4 at a time35mm negatives or unmounted 35mm slide strips up to 6 frames and APS film up to 40 exposures. The only advantage that using cnon scanner software might have is if the scanner software worked at greater bit depth than the final output image.

To make a control point on the curve, simply click anywhere on the line and a small dot appears. I haven’t tried it yet, but I may soon. At the top of the window are the Film Type and Color Fs4000uus pulldown menus.

Settings, Device, and Help. His comparison of profiles is worth checking out. Click on it to see the full-sized version in a separate browser window. It weighs about 5.


When I made this scan I did a considerable adjustment of the tone curve the highlights were much too blue. Canon claim a D-max of 3. I found sample scans from an FS on the web and they were very impressive.

Digital Film Scanners – Canon FS Scanner Review, Information, and Specifications

Fil this reason I’ve stopped using FilmGet 1. If you want the ability to scan APS film it’s even more of a bargain as it comes complete with an adapter for APS film!

More of a hassle than it should be. However, shooting with a digital SLR doesn’t get any of your existing slides and negatives into digital form, and most photographers have LOTS of existing film fanon images.

Full-frame, full-resolution scans took minutes without dust removal, and as much as 9 minutes with. Does it worth for you?

Canon CanoScan FS4000US Scanner

This is useful for correcting for the slight rotation we’ve sometimes found between film and mount on poorly mounted slides. The paper size list is more extensive than the offerings of the Kodak APS system, offering a wider range of aspect ratios. Device Menu The Device menu contains sscanner for controlling the scanner.

A red border appears around the selected frame a second click deselects the thumbnail. The FSUS is a variable focus design, and the lens autofocuses automatically prior to each scan by default.

As in soide things it’s really a user decision whether any added expense is worth any added performance. Click here to download UK site. Canon gave me an elaborate procedure for reinstalling FilmGet to eliminate the Eject buttom problem.


Canon CanoScan FSUS – film scanner – desktop – USB, SCSI Overview – CNET

A variety of measurement units are available, including pixels, inches, centimeters, and millimeters. Can you correct colors easily? The Auto Gain box should be checked and the Exposure Settings: Higher resolution probably won’t buy you much and the market for higher resolution scanners will be affected by the dropping prices on DSLRs.

There is apparently no harm in slowly pulling it out, but I never felt scsnner doing it.

Canon CanoScan FS4000US – film scanner Series

This is an IR-based approach, distinguished by the almost zero impact it has on underlying subject detail. No information is lost when sharpening is turned off; the image can be sharpened with unsharp mask after the scan scnner rightresulting in less grain in the tree trunk. As well as the usual controls over: The data captured by the scanner is 14 bits “deep,” so the extra bits are just padded with silde.