A test plan consists of the saturation test voltage, current selection, CT nameplate ratios, and CT winding terminal combinations X1 to X5 for each test. It is very important to achieve still engine running in the whole range of the revolutions thanks to balancing the crankshaft of each engine. Beijing Bonus Technology Co. ISO and Certified. Together with the manufacturer’s technicians we optimized it for the specific use on the VARI machines. Global Montello Group Corp. Ag Energy Resources, Inc.

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For three years we have been carefully adjusting and testing it in all possible situations.

Castrol Heavy Duty Lubricants, Inc. Central Illinois Manufacturing Company. Knight Brake Corporation, C. Kellogs’s Professional Products, Inc. It is an engine which we want to use for many years and we are preparing more modifications as well. Archer Daniels Midland Company. Chippewa Cn-200b Ethanol Company. American Technologies Group, Inc. Castleton Commodities Merchant Trading L. Beijing Bonus Technology Co.


Bunge North America, Inc. Epoch Energy Technology Corp. Falcon Safety Products, Inc. Elite Lubricant Research, Inc.

Applied Chemical Specialties, Inc. Crescent Marketing dba Crescent Manufacturing.

VARI XP-200 engines

American Grease Stick Co. Frontier Performance Lubricants, Inc. Association of Independent Oil Distributors. Calidad Auto Tech, Inc. Beta Strategy Group Ltd.

ISO and Certified. Stores test plans. Fuel Quality Services, Inc. Advanced Fuel Services, Inc.

Manual Haynes for Honda CB B (twin) | eBay

Alterra Cb-200v Services, Inc. Transformer Turns Ratio Meters. Chemco Products Company, Inc. It is a very good, reliable and powerful engine thanks to its displacement of ccm, the torque of 10 Nm and most of all thanks to the cast-iron insert in the cylinder. Related photos XP engines – assembly. American Clean Energy Systems, Inc. Enron Gas Liquids Incorporated.

Radan | Supported Punching Machines

Xb-200b Petrochemical Company, Ltd. LiquidPower Specialty Products Inc. Five foot X cable sets, One foot H cable set, current source cables, insulation test cables, power cord, ground cable.


Together with the manufacturer’s technicians we optimized it for the specific use on the VARI machines.