The computer should automatically detect the device. Hot keys are not wake up source of standby, suspend to RAM and Hibernate states. The printer cable may be damaged. Before starting to disassemble the computer, refer to the diagram below. ESD mats for the floor and the table you are working on. Fan on speed 1 1 0:

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Provides advanced settings of the system. The bezel is secured by latches, with four on each of the sides, seven along the bottom edge and six along the top edge.

Compal ACY25 series Specifications |

The BIOS must perform validity checks on the serial number entered. To avoid damage to the computer: Push the eject button for the card you want to release. System Description Scope Electric Specifications 2. Turning on from off states. The KBC watches both external devices, checking if the devices have recently been plugged in or unplugged.


The sub-items under each device will not be shown if the device control is set to disable or auto. After checking the connection, perform Check 1: Remove two mask seals and two M2. Hyber Link Interface Memory? If the external display works correctly, the internal LCD may be damaged.

Compal ACY25 series Service Manual

BIOS time-outs must be disabled. Page 85 Battery Place the computer upside down with the front facing toward you. Page 69 Chapter 4: System time-outs are set using the control panel power applet. Audio source test Procedure 2: Clear System Password is not set.

COMPAL CY25 Notebook & Laptop

Remove the memory card in the same way by easing the two latches apart. Check 1 Check 2 Connect a new AC adaptor. Fan on speed 2 1 1: By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Otherwise it will be in LCD only mode. If the external keyboard works correctly, the internal keyboard or its connections may be faulty.


The battery pack will pop up slightly. If the problem still exists, perform Check 4. Always start by removing the battery pack. Push the eject button once more to pop the PC Card out slightly.

Software controlled mechanical interlock and eject button. If the connection is good and there is still an error, go to Check 2.

Length Chapter No more than 8 characters. Remove the following screws securing the top cover: Yes Is the diagnostics test loaded? BIOS time-outs must compql disabled.