I wonder where oversea is? SportsRec is the 1 source for all things sports! Anyone had any dealings with garagesalegolf on ebay? I am very cynical, but also kinda cheap. I thought I was dealing with an above board on-line company, but got the shaft. What is difficult is I am interested in the R9 i forged irons, which are not available in the US.

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Sawa set of callaway razr x ps for How was the iron set?

Costco would have profit through volume, not through mandated markups. It therefore must get them through unauthorised channels. Hi folks, I’m always on the lookout for shiney new golf gear these days, and have a burning desire for a set of G10’s.

The good news I live in Phoenix and Ping was very helpful in providing letters from their legal department.

The same clubs as above, but viewed from the top. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Lucky I did the research on this. They arrive tomorrow and I just hope my quest for a deal has not gotten the best of me.


How to Identify Ping Club Counterfeits

I had to ask my host if we can visit golf stores that were selling authentic stuff and he pibg confused. No more link, as my e-mail appears in it. Paint is poorly applied and the top of the club is metallic rather than composite.

Has anyone ever done business with bobsbettergolf on ebay? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Another difference is on the toe.

I have been in contact with a gentleman from online store called Golf Mart. The dounterfeit looks a funny colour to me. Past 20 years, I have see so many different golf clubs and some of them were fake last five years ago. Did you read the first few sentences about themselves? The clubs are totally unplayable!!!

How to Tell Fake Ping G10’s – Golf Talk – Forums

The one on the right is not. Looking at the X irons on Ebay, it appears to me that a whole bunch of them are almost certainly fakes. I just got the mp 52s by mizuno. On the fake it is recessed, on the real one it is proud. Go to your local retailer, see the clubs for yourself, ask questions, hit some balls with them and cunterfeit an informed decision. Some of them said, conterfeit is fake brand of golf set.


Unfortunately I know first hand. Do they sell senior flex shafts? I am little confuse…. Just want to see if they are reputable. My friend purchased a new set of King Cobra from the website last year. Save your money n spend the extra 70bucks.

At first glance it is tricky to tell from the real one on the right — the shade of red is very slightly brighter, but otherwise they are virtually identical. Do they do steak knives?