Thanks for checking it out for me. Onboard sometimes doesn’t sound as good and I’ve had issues with dos sound, and pops etc. There are many differences between Windows 7 and XP that cause a need for new drivers. It does drop off every so often and then adds a hiss to the background. The system works really fast so if everything goes well, I am not going back to XP!

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I would leave the computer and come back an hour later to no sound.

Thanks for checking it out for me. The only way to get the sound back is to restart the system.

It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available. Best of all, recordings were so noisy that the card was completely unusable in my system, as was the front headphone jack on my fmx.

Terratec DMX 6fire 24/96 Free Driver Download

Could be a design decision but it’s annoying when you have to wait a certain amount of time before being able to get sound out of the PC after using digital in.

I also still use the midi connectors under Windows 8.

Could Win7 have problems with the driver of the Terratec? Whoops, never mind, getting my driver numbers confused I didn’t even know there was a 5.


Maybe XP and 7 have more architectural differences than I thought. Did you tweak something on W7 x64? IMO even the creative lab cards converters are better than the Terratec now. Win7 vmx be able to use Vista drivers no problem. Jean Francois Max Output Level: Forums Posts Latest Posts. Return to General Old Hardware. Makes me think twice before buying any Terratec product in the future!!


It exactly met my needs for several years. I had some crazy problems with the dmx6fire in vista. In Sensaura mode it 6fure like usual, but of course digital in is not accessible and you have to reboot the PC each time to change the mode.

By now I have a firm opinion that these companies just can’t write proper drivers for their sound hardware, regardless of how “high end” it might be.

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There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. I just upgraded to Windows 7 and wanted to continue to use my Terratec 6fire. They are for use with Vista if you are interested. Same with the Santa Cruz except windp [though I concluded that was a borked card, it may have been a sonic fury I was trying to use with TB drivers – though I’ve since bought a sonic fury and it works with stock drivers so a lot of them seem to be mixed up].


A Sensaura mode can be switched on in the control panel, which is pretty similar to the gaming mode on Creative cards.

DMX 6Fire 24/96 | Cakewalk Forums

Sound settings in W7: Bought specific models since and only had issues with standard win2k drivers not having all features. I found the main culprit was actually the Asio output dll in Media Monkey, causing clicks. All of this is regardless of hardware acceleration setting, so it means that just because the driver doesn’t support DS3D without that Sensaura mode it is not usable even through software calculations. Now playing back lossless files like a flac rip dx cd, the control shows 48 kHz for the master clock.

Quite likely this is the reason why those cards are available for very affordable prices in Europe. View More Photo Galleries. Is there a solution to getting all bitrates back?

By the way, those who say they have it working in W7 all say they’re using the 5.