The MX can easily be carried in your pocket or purse, ready to take that “special” picture at a moments notice. Likewise, if your subject is backlit, the camera will tend to underexpose it, based on the light it sees coming from the bright background. This is one of the fastest times we’ve recorded for a digicam in this test. As in Auto mode, you can independently select Macro and Digital Zoom as well. From the front, the camera reveals clockwise from center top the onboard flash, viewfinder window, lens, flash sensor, and self-timer alert LED.

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Image quality is surprisingly good.

Fujifilm MX 1200 1.3MP Digital Camera – Silver

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. One fujii turns it on, a second press turns off the information display and a third press turns off the image display.

Because the Macro function is selected with a separate switch on the side of the camera, you can use the Macro and Self-Timer functions together. The white balance setting you choose will automatically be disabled when using the flash.

All the buttons are easily accessible and in very natural positions. A Fujinon fixed fhji lens is built into the camera with a focal length of 5. Basically, cameras’ exposure systems assume that the light and dark portions of your subject will all average out to a medium gray. In fhji cameras, this delay allows time for the autofocus and autoexposure systems to do their work. All following user names refer to en.


File:Fujifilm MXjpg – Wikimedia Commons

The camera will count down from 10 seconds with the Self-Timer light next to the lens lit solid for the first five seconds, then blinking for the remaining five. The MX is more than rugged enough to survive being used by the kids and it’s also stylish enough to give to your wife or girlfriend.

Inexpensive and easy to use. Fuji suggests setting the flash to Suppressed and choosing the desired white balance setting to achieve a particular ruji. To cancel their fui, the DPOF settings must first be removed. Here, you have these options:. This is the first Fuji camera I’ve used that runs on 4 AA-size batteries and I’m fujk to report that the battery life is very good.

You can also access the Macro and Digital Telephoto functions in this mode. On the one hand, this is great because you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the lens cap.

Its small, rectangular shape fits easily into pockets and purses and is lightweight too. An auto power off function will shut down the camera if unattended for two minutes, except in PC mode.

October, We confess that when we first opened the package, we weren’t expecting much – after all, how could a 1. Support and Contact Center. I saw little to no highlight blowouts and the color rendition was extremely guji. Connected to a PC at Kbaud the highest speed the PC supportsdownload is typically serial-port pokey: Forced and Slow Synchro flash modes are available for use.


A center dot in the viewfinder helps you with composition and reminds you where the exposure settings are concentrated.

FujiFilm MX-1200 (Finepix 1200)

Continue stores images beginning from the highest file number recorded on the last SmartMedia used. When you finally fully-press the shutter release, the picture will be taken with the exposure ,x1200 “locked in” initially.

The large grip on the front helps this as well. Camera Battery for Fujifilm MX. The MX is md1200 for consumers wanting relatively hassle-free digital photography in the megapixel-plus range, at a modest price.

Macro gets you as close as approximately 3. With the MX, since there’s no autofocus that happens along with the exposure determination, you can actually use the exposure lock somewhat like a “spot” meter in a more advanced camera.

This figure dropped to only 2.