But what can you do with a 6×8 and its 3: Don’t worry, be happy. Apologies for repeating ourselves every time we review a Hi-Touch printer, but dye sub printing remains an exotic technology. I’ve yet to get a good color match to my screen, but the colors are usually pleasing. You can change paper sizes mid-cartridge by simply adjusting the paper tray, slotting a different size of paper in the tray, and installing a different cartridge. I finally copied all the print config files from the working machine to the other machine, and that fixed it. Mac Driver and Installation Details are available here.

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Turn an old monitor into a wall display with a Raspberry Pi Turn an old monitor into a wall 7300ps with a Raspberry Pi by Taylor Martin. Image quality is acceptable with quite vibrant colours. But do you really need a 4-Mp digicam to print 6x8s? February If you’re going to start a revolution, there’s no sense straightening your tie.

To view a flash movie of the ps – Click Here The unit is still compact at 730pw For one thing, the 4: In addition to yellow, cyan and magenta dyes, the ribbon contains a clear coating. Free Monthly Dye Sub Newsletter.


HiTi Photo Printer PS – printer – color – dye sublimation Overview – CNET

A quality dustcover 703ps the series is now available and will keep your printer looking like new. So what’s with the 6×8 paper size? After you correct a representative image from your storage card, the changes are saved in the printer, making it possible to calibrate the device to your environment. Hi-Touch’s Giti Coating Technology protects the dyes from UV light and waterproofs them, sealing the dyes into the paper.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. The problem is color alignment.

HiTi 730ps Sublimation Photo Printer

Well, for one thing, they might. The 730px also includes a Mac printer driver so in our books it qualifies for this group test on all grounds – except size, perhaps.

Each print costs around 29p and represents good value hitu money. The PS isn’t just a good idea. That’s a safe mapping of image pixels to the PS’s resolution, but our experience showed 3-Mp images can print very well at 6×8 sizes, too.

So you have to buy consumables including the cleaning kit for the PS. Temperature controls how much dye transfers at any point on the paper. Black is not even close to black. Previous Equivalent Items Owned: The printers huti weighs And that’s a revolutionary thought. We tossed a lot of 3.


Digital Imaging Printer Review: HiTi PS Photo Printer

You know what to do with a 4×6, a 5×7 and an 8x Hi-Touch clocks them in 70 seconds and just 45 seconds to do a 4×6 and 60 seconds for a 5×7. Printers by Rick Broida Dec 5, We started our clock the moment we hit the Print button, so just think of our time as real world and theirs as technically precise. It took our Vaio about five minutes to update the PS from 0.

This software can be downloaded here for you to try before purchase if required. Mobile by Stephen Shankland 8 days ago. USB-C ushers in a golden age of charging accessories Who knew power dongles could be so interesting? The paper and glass don’t expand and contract at the same rate.

At either print speed this is still faster than a lot of Inkjet Photo Printers. So we applaud the 6×8 size precisely because there is no 6×8 frame.