A Device group acts as a container for a collection of servers. Deploy VM from Template. Compliance based on Audit Policy. Download HP Support Assistant. I can understand how difficult this product can seem on the surface. Download the agent installer from SA client. Windows Server Support e.

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Personalized support Manage your connected HP h; from the My devices tab. Its not perfect and not cheap, we have used dozens of products hpa there are some magically things we can do with HPSA that are simply not possible or incredibly difficult todo with others in our environment. A job is nothing but any major process run by the SA client such as communication test between SA core and managed server, a software installation, an OS installation, audit results remediation, an application configuration push, a server compliance audit, and so on.

Simply add their device to your list, and you’ll be notified automatically. Improve the performance and reliability of your PCs and printers with automatic firmware and driver updates.

HPSA Basics: 10 Reasons to Use HPSA HP Server Automation to Manage Servers

The SA agent is software running in an existing operating system on the server upsa is used to communicate to the SA core.


Support Us Support this blog by purchasing one of my ebooks. You can also simply drop me a line to say hello!. Its like that because after analysing the changes that are done on the server then its easy to build up the models in HPSA for automating the changes that are coming regularly.

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System administrators and security administrators also the persons who is responsible for all aspects of managing and provisioning the servers in an operational environment. But they are not hpza in our day to day use. This site uses cookies. There are two types of device groups, private groups and public groups. HPSA suite has several interfaces and tools that are required for pretty much cover all the needs of an Infrastructure management.

HP Support Assistant | HP® India

Rules can be created ad-hoc when running a server audit, h; based on an existing server configuration through a snapshotor you can define a template Audit Policy of rules that can be used within your audits on a regular basis. Security Services Software VR. Need to keep track of new messages or updates for a friend or family member’s PC or printer?

Full support for OS gpsa. Simplified Automated Installation b. Using Windows 10 in S mode?

This forum is designed to enhance the collaboration for the Server Automation community by sharing best practices with your peers, communicate with HP Server Automation experts and get access to the latest product information. Audit and Remediation a. Report product content issues. Each core points to oracle database which saves information about managed server configurations within Hpsaa.


You are commenting using your WordPress. Personalized support Hpp your connected HP devices from the My devices tab.

Download HP Support Assistant. We hope that you will continue to look to Hewlett-Packard for your future data center automation and management solutions.

Out of the Box User Groups. You can also view available and subscribed 1 services from the My services tab. Report product content issues. Business Towers Hhpsa All-in-ones. You can also view available and subscribed 1 services from the My services tab. For example, Audio Check can diagnose and help fix issues if h having trouble hearing sound from your computer. Physical and Virtual Visibility b.

I can understand how difficult this product can seem on the surface.