Other is those two PCIE contacts to block. Can i only asume that the midboard is a port multiplier? In a different machine than a HP server ocourse. I also can’t get into the BIOS setup. Yes, my password is:

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It’s relatively cheap right now because many companies throw their old servers away which contain this card. Posted May 22, Sign in Already have an account?

And the backplane I can’t tell. I want to use one of them to build a file server where to store the video camera recordings of several cameras of my shop and then stream it to my phone.

If i press anything, the Init screen just yp earlier. Any help on this would be nice. Sep 30, Messages: I even have them setup to dual-boot to Windows so I can update firmware easily. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Already have an account? Thanks for any help you can provide. I also tried using the card in another slot. Yes, I already trying taping them over but it made no difference, and the problems detecting the amount and timing of the RAM that are supposed to happen never cropped up, so I assume that there is no incompatibility with the chipset itself.


Using a HP Smart Array P in a non-HP system? – Storage Devices and Controllers – Unraid

Hi sorry been a manic few weeks Hi sorry, about the text not to sure what happened there lol And just throw the P to the lis for good. SE And it works fine. Jun 18, Messages: I tried the controller now in my Tyan Mainboard. Product Pricing Community Blog.

Help crossflashing HP SmartArray P400 to LSI equivalent

Any way to take pics? Posted February 8 edited.

I have arranged some downtime on one of the servers tomoz ill take images then for you. Do you already have an account? It eports the other slot in the init screen, but everything else stays the same.

A quick search shows conflicting info too. I have two OpenFiler boxes with various parts using these cards right now. Register a new account.

Help crossflashing HP SmartArray P to LSI equivalent | ServeTheHome and Forums

Share this post Link to post. Storage Devices and Controllers. It displays a small animation while the disks spin up and then a osi blinks where the animation was.


I think it’s not a bad one, considering the MB Cache memory and the good overall design.

HP Smart Array P400 LSI Lsisas1078 V Controller W/512mb Cache

Since there are a few people that have managed to use them and equivalent LSI cards in non-HP, non-server motherboards, I think that the only solution I have is to cross-flash the cards to their LSI equivalent, and hope it does fix the issue. Can i only asume that the midboard is a port multiplier? Am i missing something?