Update Scratch that, there was a faulty solder joint on the output jack. It seems from the documentation I’ve read, that it should be supported, but XSANE starts scanning, and then it stops after one inch, and hangs there indefinitely. The main problem is that it doesn’t recognise the wifi, neither the graphical chipset, nor the sound-card. I gave up and loaded Sabayon which handles the video and almost everything else perfectly. Screen resolution is x, however Ubuntu only allows x

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Worked for me with my LG BDrom. So Desktop PCs and Laptops may be posted here as long as they aren’t servers.

Logitech Internet Keyboard http: Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Your options are really threefold: This seems to be an issue with the Linux Kernel as described in this bug report: Typically, what happens is when I put in a disc and boot up, I get as far as loading the linux kernel and then I get a message saying that there is no medium with a live file system available, causing me to believe that there are no BD-ROM drivers for linux.


Download them from http: I get no display whatsoever. Recognized immediately on Windows 7. Right now I’m hopping for some kernel update to fix this: Duo 2 Core pc not working optimal speeds? QuickCam Fusion 4 Known Issue: I am going to place the Plextor drive in another machine and see if the problems repeats themselves.

This is an nVidia video card with an RV chip. Don’t know if this is the correct place to put this request for help – if I am in the wrong place perhaps someone would be good enough to put this where it belongs.


Samsung is off my next monitor list – too much work. This board now works with the latest Intrepid kernel.

I am getting no sl7j73vm through headphones, and i can’t get the desktop effects to work or use my graphics card for anything My laptop is a Hi-Grade VAD My motherboard is fic. Gone back to 9.

Inno3D launches 2 MCP73 boards SL7N73UM-HDMI and SL7N73VM

July 6th, 7. Standard drivers seem to work, but no advanced functions higher than X resolutions are available. Ubuntu can find the device, has no working ‘driver’ or ppd for the device. When I had it installed I updated and it stop running. I did not explore its failure any further than noting it did not work.


rig2 | Intel Core 2 Duo E Ghz/Mhz/2mb L2 Cache Inn… | Flickr

Inno3v getting a new system soon with a different proc. Unknown 4 Known Issue: Probably old news, but: I have performed the same procedure in the past, and never skipped a beat Everything else seems to be working fine.

Had to pull the plug to stop it. I will take pictures later on today from different sections.

rig1 | Intel Core 2 Duo E Ghz/Mhz/2mb L2 Cache Inn… | Flickr

The live version of Ubuntu 8. There are no proprietary drivers available for Ubuntu 9. Had sl7n73vvm minor breakthrough where the ststem didn’t freeze right after booting, but after minutes instead