Microsoft antitrust case Microsoft Ireland case. The cool news about the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4. So Logitech has some competition after all. The silver middle section reminded me of the MX mice, though the button layout is completely different. Two Manufacturers, Three Sensors Page 4: You can feel the little clicks at the edge.

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It definitely takes more effort to use these than the thumb buttons on the MX mice. However, I can imagine some very useful applications, e. Microscope photograph of the IntelliMouse Explorer sensor silicon die.

It needs some work, but the overall performance is excellent. So for the ergonomics and features, just read what we said about the Wireless Intellimouse Explorer. I appreciated that I could use them, but I wished they intellimoude in closer reach. However, for gaming I find it difficult to use. Microsoft The Power Saver. The software installation is easy as pie. Whether you are a gamer or a graphic designer, this mouse will offer performance enough for anything you throw at it.


Other wheels have slight clicks that regulate movement. I am sure that Microsoft will update the software and in the process add intellimousd functionality, but for now it is not a perfect gamer’s mouse.

Even at MSRP it’s a good deal, but you can practically steal it. One could also say that this makes them more practical because it’s hard to hit them accidentally. Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.

The scroll wheel basically rocks inetllimouse and right for sideways navigation of documents, web pages, etc. Retrieved 9 November Better With The Driver. Intellinouse two main buttons are somewhat large. Microsoft went with a clean-looking silver and black case for the IntelliMouse Explorer 4.

Two Manufacturers, Three Sensors, Continued. If you aren’t hot on Logitech’s teardrop shape, then this is the mouse for you. I have really become accustomed to Logitech’s “button-less” design, but I found the IntelliMouse Explorer 4.

The buttons were supposed to work with “games. In other words it senses whether it’s being pushed leftward or rightward, but not by how much.


The Latest On Tom’s Hardware. Some users will find that the lighter-weight offers more precision because of the weight difference. The cool intellimousd about the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4.

Software Downloads: IntelliMouse Explorer

Computer mice Microsoft hardware Microsoft stubs Computer hardware stubs. The Choice Of Weapons. Retrieved 22 November The mouse has two thumb buttons on the top edge of the left side. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Optical Mice: Microsoft and Logitech

This computer hardware article is a stub. You can set the horizontal scroll speed just like you can the vertical scroll. One thing it has going for it is value.