Stability was achieved at cas2 with my current Crucial memory. Isn’t it asynchronism that they had to give up? For connection there is a SuperAudio bracket with two outputs: Windows install went just fine, no glitches at all. But isn’t it enough to spend time on ALi?

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By the way, it is just my assumption what was the cost of a faster memory controller? Voltage of the processor is not fixed either. The board comes in a plastic bag packed in a usual cardboard box with two cut-outs on the front side. Stability was achieved at cas2 with my current Crucial memory.

Iwill P4S – Intel Chipset Review & Motherboard Roundup: September

The board uses and Award bios so it was kinda familiar in there and I felt quite at ease configuring everything ready for Windows. Well, their boards are good, but budget-minded people would get something cheaper, for example, from SiS. Besides, on a production board switches and other stuff will be marked differently. The board is of high quality, the mqinboard is convenient.

The A7N is equipped with an ACR expansion card which can back up the sound subsystem integrated into the south bridge – the board has outputs for a 5. The speed is moderate, though it officially not really supports DDR The AGP connector has a clip to fix a video card.


A quick power off and a short of the cmos later ad we were in the Bios. Following up the original KT chipset from Via was never going to be an easy task in the Socket A iwull as it has been from the outset about the only worthwhile chipset out there. Unfortunately at this point my hair started falling out at an incredible rate.

The Overclocking options are fantastic and the board is very user friendly. Does a user benefit from the MAGiK 1? The developers installed a network controller’s chip from Realtek: Only VIA can afford mainblard to release a chipset which doesn’t differ from the KTA in speed and has no asynchronism support which means that it is impossible to use the DDRbut definitely not Acer Labs.

Everybody knows that it is simpler to make a synchronous chipset Remember the FSB jumper I mentioned at the start?

Click to find out more. I ran these tests several times and there were no noticeable differences and this performance is above the mainboatd level for a 1g Tbird no doubt due to the motherboard. The CD is bootable – it can help you to make diskettes with drivers which can be required yet before installation of an operating system.

The only glitch being the full row of capacitors below the CPU socket that made heatsink fitting a bit testing on their patience, a small point I know.


For connection there is a SuperAudio bracket with two outputs: ASUS has released one more excellent product, but its too high price will scare away a iwikl many users, taking into account a little breakaway in speed from its competitors.

For the operation to be stable there are 6 capacitors. The board has an AGP Pro slot so that you can install professional graphics accelerators. Here you can select and below or and above. The board has several standard switches.

Iwill P4SE – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i865PE

I don’t see anybody who needs it today. Hard drives spin up and power lights on but nothing. What was the best tech product of ? Well this is where it comes into play. I made a preconception that the board would be rubbish and not be anywhere near as good as my Abit and Asus boards, how wrong can you be….

Well, the outcome depends on a price, of course. The board uses a three-phase impulse voltage stabilizer which together with high-capacity LowESR capacitors provides high stability even in modes different from the rated ones.