She loved going to the beach, dancing, and hanging out with her friends. People send donations to help pay for the costs of her operations. The fire then restarted, forcing McIntosh and Fitzpatrick to retreat. Reggie was convicted of two counts of intoxication manslaughter and sentenced to seven years in the state penitentiary. She can make out some texture with the bottom of her right palm. A flap of skin hides her left eye.

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September Learn how and when to remove this template message. She lost her hair, her ears, her nose, her left eyelid and much of her jacquelne. Her web site described the horrific accident that turned her life upside-down:.

Reggie was a high school senior in Austin.

Jacqueline Saburido

And then she got on with what she had to do. Doctors did not expect her to survive.

Help us keep Snopes. Unfortunately, the story is all too real.

Snopes and the Snopes. Where her right ear should be, she has a slender crescent of cartilage around a pea-size black hole.


Jacqui’s Story | Faces of Drunk Driving

Saburido allowed graphic post-accident photographs of herself to be used in the media posters, TV-commercials, and internet chain mail to illustrate a possible outcome of drunk driving.

We pay writers, editors, web developers, and other staff who work tirelessly to provide you with an invaluable service: He had been drinking.

But first she wanted to learn to speak English. This site was designed for Internet Explorer 8 and higher. A flap of skin hides her left eye. Her front seat passenger was Jacqui Saburido. Reggie Stephey, an year-old high school student, was on his way home from drinking beer with some buddies.

It feels hot and tight, like having a sunburn. She gets greeting cards and stuffed animals.

Jacqui and Sean’s Stories

The slide show documents what happened to Jacqueline Saburido, a year-old woman who had taken a break from attending college in Venezuela to come to the United States and study English.

Biography portal Austin portal. An only jscqueline, she lived with her father after her parents divorced.

Retrieved from ” https: On September 19,Saburido attended a birthday party near Austin, Texas. At a distance Jacqui looks old. Since the accident, she has granted dozens of interviews all over the world. Jacqui has had well over operations since the crash.


In JuneReggie Stephey was convicted on two counts of intoxicated manslaughter. Saburido was inside the car for 45 seconds until a fire truck arrived to extinguish the fire. The fire had spread, and the flames were leaping several feet up into the air by the time they arrived. He dressed her, bathed her, and fed her.

Jacqueline Saburido | Plaintiff

She was also interviewed on the Australian 60 Minutes on March 14, and was featured in a Discovery Health documentary on face transplants. Early on Sunday morning September 19,Jacqui — then 20 years old — and four friends were on their way home from a birthday party. Two of them died on the spot.