We respect your privacy. Finally, the four buttons. We use cookies and similar technologies to measure traffic, repeat visitors and site performance. The one on the right is a wireless mode switch – when set to the right it is in USB 2. With out sftware only 2 of the four buttons do work as does the scroll ring.

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As with the Expert Mouse, you should do this every couple of weeks to clear out dead-skin bits and other gunk. Rozette Rago Thumb-operated trackballs are usually right-handed only, but other than the trackball itself, they work just like traditional mice.

International orders are processed the next shipping day. Physically, it has a large, easy-to-use ball, which is surrounded by a scroll wirelesx, and four large buttons. It is considerably larger than I expected it to be judging only from the pictures I had seen of it.

It has a number of features, both physical and functional, which I think are extremely good and some of which are quite unusual. If I must find something to nit-pick then Mac users should know that the wireless trackball must be used with the wireless USB dongle. By default the buttons function as traditional mouse left, right, middle and You can also send us a note or a tweetor find us on Facebook. So this means in the example command I gave above, I assigned function 8, “Back”, to button 2, and function 9, “Forward” to button 8.


Hands-On: Kensington Expert Mouse Wireless Trackball | ZDNet

It scrolls much rougher and the ring is plastic instead of the more rubbery texture from the corded version. Both the trackball mice I had previously were wired. Logitech promises 18 months of battery life for the AA-powered M; judging from Amazon reviewsthat claim seems accurate.

Product Highlights Bluetooth 4. The MX Ergo has a soft plastic coating with a section on the bottom right molded to fit a pinky. With this smaller ball you need to put in more effort to move the cursor across the screen: The details of this CLI command are rather obscure, but here is just one small example Similar to the MX Ergo, the M is made of molded plastic with a small divot for a pinky to rest on.

Of coursed this dual-mode function means that it would be very easy to use this trackball on two different systems, for example with the dongle on my Acer All-in-One desktop and via Bluetooth on a Raspberry Pi 3.

Please check your local sales tax laws. I’ve got one, and I’ve been trying it out along with the latest release of the Raspbian Linux operating system. The way that it attaches, and the fit against the main body of the trackball is sub-optimal, though. Longer warranties are nice but not required.


The Best Trackballs for Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company

Opt out or contact us at any time. The KDE control is shown here. How we picked How we tested The competition Sources Why you should trust us. The Logitech Options software has most of the settings you need to customize the MX Ergo and its eight buttons.

Hands-On: Kensington Expert Mouse Wireless Trackball

That’s pretty easy to figure our using xev – details left to the reader. Instead, you use Logitech Control Center, which has the same features but an older look. Thumb-operated trackballs are usually right-handed only, but other than the trackball itself, they work just like traditional mice.

Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.

Finally, a few words about the price. The Orbit with Scroll Ring is comfortable to use right- or left-handed, and the two buttons on either side of the trackball are easy to reach.

The instructions are not clear. This is my first time with a wireless trackball mouse, and it’s working fine.