Thanks anyway – godhelpme. The intermittent problem I referred to above was the printer reporting that the [say] Black cartridge was not installed, when indeed it was. I have emptied the waste toner as described by Tex there was heaps in there … thanks Tex!!! The weird thing is that teh standard toners work in both of the printers!! I have a DL, and after about pages, it said that the waste bottle is full. It takes over 4 minutes for the document to get out of ID CS3. If you’re lucky the 12H error code will have disappeared.

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Other than replacing the cartridge chips is there any way to reset the chip?

Not really sure what you mean. I have a and I am getting a small crease in the bottom middle of all of my printing.

Konica Minolta IP-511 Driver

I know there was someone else having problems with this too. We hold a huge inventory and are in a position to present a fair market price. How do I change the drum on my Konica Minolta I’m not a tech type person but would like some ideas to what may be happening and oonica how to fix? So if I can fix her, I’d like to keep her. This could be anything and I cannot answer that. cista


With the lid open, press a small screwdrive into the hole and depress the spring – hold this down and cista rotating the toner drum by hand, towards you and downwards. Jammed cartridge in – it needs to be pushed further in – if it has revolved part way and then jammed you have a problem. We just replaced the image cartridge a few weeks ago. I realise this may be of little help given how long ago your problem was posted, but perhaps for the next person If this vists does not fix the problem, remove the feed tire it’s dark grey and looks like a half moon and clean it with konnica rubber renue or windex.

At least you had fun taking things apart.

I have changed out the fuser and the black toner cartridge as it was almost empty. If left up printing on regular paper makes fuzzy or very lonica copies. There seems to be a gremlin in my printer. We’ve tried many things, different amount of paper in the tray, changing the software settings for thick paper but we can’t seem to get the paper to feed.

Any advice or starting points would be dearly appreciated. You did have fun, didn’t you?

If not at Fry’s, then somewhere else. We have 1 pack of developer It’s a black powder thing. To realign the rotory assembly you will need to find a manual somewhere to tell you how to do it. The jamming has actually stopped but I have only printed a couple of dozen pages bec the print is still starting much lower than the set margins [the printing starts 2 or 3 inches from the top of the page].


Is there any reason why the stnadard toners and not the HI Cap toners would work ina o printer.

Hello, I’m new here, but have already been impressed by the level of expertise. Its in the paper tab and is call image shifting. Perhaps use Q-tip and rubbing alcohol. I have a KM DL.

It will not do thousands of prints a month or a day without paper feed problems.

Konica /IP (PCL) V Drivers for Windows 8, 7, Vista – – DriversGuru

How can I fix this? If that fails, look at the rubber roller on the toners – one or more may have surface damage if found, throw it away and fit new koonica. But I’m trying to find out if it’s time to move on to a new Laser Printer.

I need to free the jam so can rotate and change toner cartridges.