Read the white paper on how the Scan Interface programming mode works. This passes in the FP data from channel 0 to channel 7 as a single task. Back to Top 2. Supported Sensor Types thermocouple only: Sourcing digital modules only: To replace this driver functionality without necessitating extraneous code rewriting, you should create an analogous DAQmx task with the same channels in the same order as your FP module.

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Figure 1 below shows the FieldPoint rack at TechTeach’s disposal. This document describes recommendations labvifw considerations for transitioning systems based on legacy Compact FieldPoint controllers to the newer generation of CompactRIO controllers. The FP module does not contain a micro processor, only AD- and DA converters and electronics implementing the serial communication.

Your cDAQ thermocouple replacement should be compatible with whatever thermocouple type your Fieldpoint module is configured for. The home page of OPC is http: This blog will not review all driver possibilities. Figure 1 shows fieldpoiht block diagram of an example Compact FieldPoint application.

Figure 2 shows the dialog window where you configure the channels. Both methods are described in the following.


Back to Top 5. For a single channel, a path string into your FP driver will link through each hierarchical folder to arrive at your channel. However, significant hardware and software differences between CompactDAQ and Fieldpoint modules can fiedlpoint upgrades, requiring a complete driver rewrite and complex hardware decisions.

Compact FieldPoint — Programmable Automation Controller

See below for an example of a reusable digital input driver that accepts one global channel and clears the task when it’s finishing. The following comparison table shows some of oabview primary features and capabilities of the two product lines and the maximum specifications that are available in each:. Upgrading your system from Compact Fieldpoint to cDAQ hardware can be a complicated process, but the increased robustness, modernity, and performance of cDAQ modules make fieldpointt process well worth the effort.

For both VIs, users can loop-in an error wire.

Sourcing digital modules only: The type of thermocouple refers to which two metals are compared. Instead of using FP Read. This passes in the FP data from channel 0 to channel 7 as a single task.

Back to Top 3. The recommended migration options for those systems are: Thermocouples read temperature by using a differential voltage signal across two wires of dissimilar metals. Thus the FP module is not for embedded control.


List of End of Life (EOL) Products due to RoHS Non-Compliance – National Instruments

Communication Protocol to Host: Name required Name Is Required. Finn Haugen finn techteach. FP User Manual October 28, Figure 2 shows the same code from Figure 1 but with the FP Read. The principle of OPC is as follows, cf. Comments There are currently no comments, be the first to post one.

Transitioning From Compact FieldPoint to CompactRIO

NI 4 Ch, 0—20 mA Output. FieldPoint can be used with e. Common references allow NI modules to interpret differential signals relative to a fixed value. If your FP channel expects a mA analog signal, your cDAQ channel must be compatible with that range configuration.

Then browse to the proper item cieldpoint the National Instruments.