Find More Posts by consulting. The number of pictures per seconds default: But if you are able to create interchangeable frame accurate video files it works you can get it running So we can wait. Coz the development will go its way, and 3 or 6 months later the world is another. By posting to this forum you agree to abide by the rules.

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Leadtek WinFast PxVC1100 Transcoding Card

I have PxVC on hand too. After moving to the folder of this product, unless it is, it cannot execute. The second level is far more complicated but gives you the opportunity to create special output files or tweak the settings to get the better of both the encoder and the player. Founded inthis Taiwanese company specializes in the design and manufacture of graphics and multimedia solutions.

And the result is amazing!

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There is information that in the folder where Japanese enters it does not move well. The [ro] where is not useful and is!

To add clips to your project, simply drag and drop them onto the window. Unless they gave these things out like candy to everyone I doubt anyone would be really interested. It operates on the console.

– Leadtek WinFast PxVC MPEG-2/H Transcoding Card – Reviews

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Originally Posted by tre31 I sent an email too Leadtek and even though this card is currently only selling in Japan at this time as far as I knowthe customer service representative replied saying they could arrange one for me if I so desired. Even with Super-Resolution enabled, there was still some motion blur and jaggies during some scenes.

A little more than white – yuv: Perhaps there is no problem in the data which it is possible. At this point in time improvement is planned, but you cannot work directly. Find More Posts by CruNcher.

By posting to this forum you agree to abide by the rules. But at this time, as the article says, there is hardly any software thats makes use it. The SpursEngine tests were first run with Super-Resolution disabled and then again with it enabled.


There should be more support than only copying and attaching a sheet from a reviewers guide doc. While I’ve always found video quality to be a bit subjective, I took a few screenshots to compare the results from the MPEG-4 and SpursEngine templates.

– Leadtek WinFast PxVC MPEG-2/H Transcoding Card – Reviews – all-pages

With or without CUDA any appliaction that is able to use hardware acceleration then will be able to be supported by the engine. Leadtek should not have any costs and the right to give the result away as freeware.

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The PxVC comes in a small, black and blue box with a picture of the card on the front and wintast. While best known for their mainstream and workstation-class graphics cards, Leadtek offers a variety of other products including TV tuners, video capture devices, GPS modules, videophones and video surveillance cameras.

Coz the development will go its way, and 3 or 6 months later the world is another.