All it can hope to measure accurately is the air temperature in the socket which is quite a big disappointment. Ships with the following: Next up we have POV-Ray. Everything else is standard. For the average home user playing a few games here and there and using office application on something like the AMD platform, the upgrade doesn’t make sense really.

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Lastly, as you can see, the PCB is bright red! We are rendering the pawns scene here at x resolution. I wish these extra connectors would run parallel to kt2666 vertical edge but that’s only personal preference. The answers at first glance appears to be very well and a resounding yes! So how do we find the MSI as a whole? Software is also installed on the operating system that stops the OS from functioning properly if the correct SmartKey isn’t detected. Something like DivX encoding should see a handy increase in encoding speed, knocking a fair few minutes off the time of a usual full length movie encoding.

Windows 98, while having little ,si on this motherboard, seems to be OK.

The capacitor placement fouls the ability of the retention mechanism to work well and you have to resort to poking at the lever with something in an attempt to make it budge. I’d have preferred a less fancy actively cooled heatsink to the gold coloured passive heatsink provided. The floppy connector is kt626 grouped here which is where it should be to lessen the cable length required over a bottom edge placement.


The mt266 are located right next to the audio and multimedia ports and as well, on the PC-to-PC USB bracket so they can be viewed from the outside of the case. Fitted with an all-in-one monoblock which matches the Gigabyte Aorus aesthetic.

MSI™ Introducing VIA® KTA Motherboard-K7T Pro2-RU | MSI Global

The RAID connectors kt26 close to the bottom right and run 90 degrees to the regular connectors. A thermistor is present, but it’s a surface mount type, pr2 a resistor and comes nowhere to touching the CPU. However, the little push rod to lever the card from the socket is flanked closely by a capacitor making it very hard to operate with your fingers, even for someone like me who has quite small hands.

Thumbs up to MSI and if they can sort out the small issues in a later revision, they can’t fail to succeed with this board. The notable additions include the USB 2. Fast forwarding about 9 months; nForce motherboards are nowhere to be seen and we now have the KTA chipset, a new and improved version of the older KT Thanks to The Overclocking Store.

I could be wrong however. Next up we have POV-Ray. I must stress that the layout of motherboard is pure personal taste and some problem item in one case might be perfect in another. All in all it’s a good layout with only the RAID connector orientation being the problem for me. Analysing the layout I always like to take a look at the layout of the motherboards that pass through my system.


It’s certainly eye catching, that’s for sure. SYS driver, BSOD’s on shutdown and the sound randomly seems to stop at any point during using the audio and doesn’t come back to life until you reboot. So there we have them, the numbers most people will be looking for.

MSI K7T266 Pro2-A – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT266A

They connect to a header on the motherboard and mirror the 4 LED’s above msk audio connectors on the ATX backplane that are visible tk266 you open the case. In this case, moving from the KT to the new A version should really be as easy as dropping the new chipset into the place of the old.

The jsi integrates with the screensaver to provide extra security. So how does the layout of the K7T Pro2 stack up? I don’t know whether it’s the test configuration since other reviews of this board seem to have great performance and there may very well be issues running the KTA on the test setup we’re using here. Of course, the benchmarking crowd will love it. Let’s start with Sandra first off: