Obtaining All of the Final Fantasy 7 Ultimate Weapons

Obtaining All of the Final Fantasy 7 Ultimate Weapons

Extreme weapons in Final Fantasy 7 are named the best weapons for each said character. A portion of these are truly simple to get however some are a major aggravation in the, guess what. Today, we will go over how to get every single one in the game.


Cloud – Ultima Weapon


Rout Ultimate Weapon who floats over different regions on the world guide during circle 3. Simply fly your carrier into him to draw in the fight.


Barret – Missing Score


Can be found on the steps before you truly do fight with Hojo in Midgar.


Tifa – Final Heaven


Can be found in the room with the automatic 380 acp ammo inside the Wall Market in Midgar. Utilize the critical tracked down in Bone Village.


Aerith/Aeris – Princess Guard


Acquired inside the Temple of the Ancients. Direct the clock hands to III and go into the space to track down it.


Red VIII – Limited Moon


Enter Cosmo Canyon in the wake of leaving the City of the Ancients with Bugenhagen. Converse with him and before he passes on, he will hand it over to Red VIII.


Cait Sith – Marvelous Cheer


Go to the 64th floor of the Shinra Building when you’re there the second time. Search in the storage spaces in the northern room and inside, you will track down it. You can really track down it during plate 1 however it won’t allow you to keep it around then.


Cid – Venus Gospel


This one is truly simple. Simply start discussion with the person outside the thing shop multiple times and afterward he gives you the weapon.


Yuffie – Conformer


Enter the Sunken Gelnika and it is inside the main room inside a money box.


Vincent – Death Penalty


Go within the cascade next to North Corel and travel as far as possible. Toward the end, head back up outdoors and enter the cavern to get Vincents extreme weapon.

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