Oscar Winning Movie Revives Interest in Game Show

 Oscar Winning Movie Revives Interest in Game Show


Audiences around the world have been smitten with the popular film Slumdog Millionaire – the tale of a young man from the slums of Mumbai, who suddenly makes it big  WhatsApp lucky Draw winner 2022   on India’s version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

The film has won many awards, including the Best Picture prize at the 2009 Academy Awards. In the meantime, it has also helped increase interest and desire in restarting the Millionaire game show that had so many viewers captivated when it first premiered in 1998.

News reports show that talks are being held in order to stage a prime-time comeback for the series, which debuted in the UK with host Chris Tarrant, and which sees contestants answer a series of questions that could earn them up to £1m.

The talks would bring the series back to American television, though the series has been aired in one hundred countries around the world. It has been discovered that the emphasis on the series in the film has helped discussion around bringing the series back to popularity.

At the time, the television show was credited with bringing television viewers back to enjoying game shows, and kicked off an era which saw reality and game show series such as Survivor, Pop Idol, and Deal or No Deal rise in popularity.

Deal or No Deal has seen huge success both in the UK and abroad, and its format of suspense has become very popular for viewers. In the UK, Deal or No Deal is hosted by Noel Edmonds, who also hosts the popular reality series Noel’s HQ, which has a philanthropic purpose.

Another popular game show featured on various UK channels is Family Fortunes, a game show modelled around the popular Family Feud series in America. The series sees two family teams square-off against one another to guess how people have answered survey questions.

As years go on, the popularity of game shows has yet to wane, as many people bank on the winnings and viewers enjoy the suspense and competition. While many popular game shows are hosted on cable and network channels, many new   brought more game shows to avid fans.



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