Winter and boating

Winter and boating

Winter cold can cause damage to your boat if it is not stored properly

* Make sure you have your boat winterized. Get a professional package or consult the owners manual.
* Un plug your battery
* Fill your tank with fuel conditioner and start the boat for a few minutes to circulate fuel.
* Unlock all compartments outboard boat motors for sale

of the boat (glovebox, bow seats and cuddy seats, gap compartment, etc.
Dry-Z-Air should be positioned in the bow and towards the stern.
* Cover your boat with canvas
* Tent poles are available for purchase or made with a 2×4 middle.
* Next, place a tarp over the whole boat. Then secure it with bungees.

Winter use of your boat

Make sure you are warm and bring extra blankets. You can also add some dry kindling to a bag or make fire starters from egg carton, candle wax and dryer lint. You should also have spare props, spare fuel filters and belts.

You will need to drain your Outboard/Inboard motors each time you return. Drain Block, Heat exchangers, Water pumps, Manifolds, and Risers.

Outboards are self-draining, but can freeze in the Raw Water Pump.

When you are using your boat in winter, make sure you have a float plan. A float plan is a sheet of paper that lists who is on your boat and what type of boat you have.

Winter freeze may cause damage

32°F is the temperature at which water freezes. If you have cracks in your deck, water can seep through and cause damage. Once water has soaked into the crack, it expands first, then becomes denser, opening up the crack further.

Damage may result if you forget to drain: Block, Heat exchanger or Water pump.

Although it is rare, lower units can freeze in winter. This can be avoided by placing the lower unit in the fully down position.
You may find your belts become fragile in the cold. Make sure you have a spare.

You should be aware of mud daubers, or wasps that could infest your outboard boat and clog up lines. You can avoid this by placing bug bombs in the boat storage area.

Do not try to remove ice from your Vinyl if you awake to discover it has melted.

Snow is heavy and can cause damage to your canvas. Make sure you sweep snow off every time.

You should have Replacement Value Insurance on your boat. I can help with the cost. I have arrangements made for my customers to get amazing rates from my group. For special pricing, call Mark at 503-747 0341 and tell him the Boatlady sent it to you. You can also save more by visiting my website and going to the coupon page.


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